Joining A Flying Club In Arizona

ERAU Ramp (1)While flying is every pilot’s passion it requires a lot of money  to fly. Planes are expensive to own, and  so are fuel, storage, upkeep, and lessons. However, there is a simple solution for those who are looking to keep costs low: to join a flying club. Several clubs operate in Arizona.

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What Pilots Can Learn From Pearl Harbor

The movie Pearl Harbor (2001) is a film about two pilots who live through the rocky times surrounding WWII and the attack on Pearl Harbor while keeping their lifelong friendship alive. Yes, there is some sappy romance and some gruesome war scenes; however, there are several principles that you can take away from the movie.

Here’s to a little fun (check out the clip below), and some solid principles you can fly by.

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Can You Impress Your Flight Instructor?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs part of their training, every flight student has to complete a certain amount of time in the cockpit with their instructor. The situation can go one of two ways – good or bad. Since it would be a huge waste of time and money to have a lousy experience, it is best to stay on their good side.


You don’t need to be buddy-buddy with your instructor. However, there are a few things you can do to put your best foot forward: Read more “Can You Impress Your Flight Instructor?”

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3 Tips For Becoming The Pilot You Want To…

5A few weeks ago I wrote about the pilot shortage prediction and shared a few thoughts about how student pilots could approach that situation/opportunity.

This got me thinking more about some other issues facing student pilots: choosing the right flight school, saving money and time, and knowing how to pick a specialty field. In my experience as a faculty advisor, these issues often remain a dilemma after a student has enrolled and started taking classes.

There is a critical area that will help those who are just beginning their journey as a pilot as well as those who are already deep into their studies.

Let’s take a look at DREAMS and GOALS. Read more “3 Tips For Becoming The Pilot You Want To Be”

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2 Factors That Make Or Break A Flight Simulator


Are flight simulations really worth it?

If you are a student pilot you probably asked yourself that question a hundred if not a thousand times. Perhaps, you have instructors that stress their benefits, but you are not convinced. You are looking for a hands-on, dynamic learning experience – the real deal. Plus, you want any money you shell out to be well spent. Maybe you even tried a few products, but they did not measure up to your expectations.

So what should you be looking for in a flight simulator? I suggest you look for two very important factors. Read more “2 Factors That Make Or Break A Flight Simulator”

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5 Ways To Impact The Pilot Shortage

Aviation is a cpilot_shortageornerstone to modern day transportation. In American alone, 30,000 flights are completed each day.

With new rules and trends will come huge changes in the industry that new pilots and pilots in training need to be aware of.

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True Course Simulations and FlyThisSim Sign Development Agreement

FTS-Heli-SimPrescott, AZ: True Course Simulations (TCS) of Prescott, AZ and FlyThisSim (FTS) of San Luis Obispo, CA signed a cooperation agreement to develop a software package that will transfer the TCS training missions developed with Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3d into FTS software SimAvio powered by X-Plane. This software will create numerous opportunities to develop and disseminate training missions to both platforms.

TCS is currently working on a project to create a series of 57 training missions using P3D that cover all aspects of flight training for the Cessna 172. Plans are underway to create the IFR course next.

FTS recently completed the installation of their Touchtrainer helicopter trainer for Guidance Aviation in Prescott, AZ.

“I was so impressed with the FTS helicopter trainer and Carl Sutter’s (FTS founder and joint CEO) approach that I knew we needed to cooperate and create a way to convert our P3D missions to support their customers.” say Ray Bédard, TCS President.

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True Course Simulations Completes Air Traffic Control Lab at…

Yavapai College Air Traffic Control Lab

Prescott, AZ: True Course Simulations (TCS) in collaboration with Metacraft completed the development of the Air Traffic Control lab for Yavapai College (YC) in Prescott, AZ. The development started last July and through close cooperation between all parties and numerous improvements, the lab is ready for the fall semester.

The lab uses the SimSuite of products developed by Ross Carlson of Metacraft to simulate air traffic functions for student controllers. Carlson originally developed SimSuite for the very popular VATSIM online network of pilots and air traffic controllers.

Zach Beard of TCS was the lead designer for the system and coordinated the project to install the software, integrate the hardware and create scenarios for the YC classes. He also trained the YC trainer, Bill McKnight a retired air traffic controller in the creation of scenarios.

“I am very pleased with the final result” says Ray Bédard, TCS President. “This lab will enable Yavapai College to train young air traffic control students in a totally immersive environment. There is no better way to learn!”

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