Insider View of TCSims At Embry-Riddle A3ir Conference


Embry_Riddle_PresentationWhat a weekend! If you have never had the opportunity to go to an Embry-Riddle A3ir Conference I recommend it. This past weekend we were able to present the innovative philosophy behind our Private Pilot Course to faculty from several world class universities (United States, Taiwan, Australia, Korea, Turkey, India) as well as demo the course to students. I wanted to share the experience with our online readers, because it gives a valuable insight into our company and into the A3irCon experience.

Here is the weekend in a nutshell:


Our Philosophy

The one question I wanted to tackle in my presentation was “Can True Course Simulations reduce the cost of pilot training?” I’ll be straight here, the answer is yes, and here’s why.

By increasing the pre-flight interactivity on the ground, we can greatly increase the learning experience in the airplane and reduce the cost significantly.

embry_riddle_presentationStudents can fill in the gap between ground school and flight activities by learning the required skills before they get in a plane with their flight instructor. Our simulation provides visual, auditory, and kinesthetic engagement in a structured learning environment that is made to help students absorb, retain, and apply the learning objectives.

We have integrated our course with Embry-Riddle’s learning objectives, and have implemented GrassBlade Learning Record Store (LRS) to record the learner’s activities on our fully functioning course website they can access from their own computer.

If you want to learn more about how our simulations work, start here.

In the pilot seat

After the presentation, I was able to demo our simulation for several students.

private_pilot_demo This was the most satisfying part of the conference, because I got to see the light go on for many future pilots still in high school, and hear the excitement from current Embry-Riddle students. They were able to experience the philosophy behind our course first hand (read it, watch it, do it), and how it works in helping student pilots learn the skills they need to earn their wings.

The positive feedback we gained from them gives us another reason to wake up in the morning and continue working hard to help students learn without breaking the bank.


Looking to the future

Last, but not least is what this conference meant to the future of True Course Simulations. Currently, we are doing research with Embry-Riddle with our simulation. Based on the information presented at the conference they have agreed to extend that research starting this week. This opportunity will give us more numbers to back up our philosophy and the success we have been seeing in our beta testers.

The True Course Simulations team is excited! Not only are we ready to start helping more Embry-Riddle flight students learn better and faster while saving money and having fun, but are ready to see flight students everywhere take learning into their own hands.

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