Do Loggable Flight Hours Trump Unloggable Learning?

The FAA requires ___ hours of real flight time to become instrument rated. Of the overall hours requires, ____ hours can be completed in a flight simulator.
This new change

Excerpt from this blog:

“True enough. But why is that? Why do pilots (and especially student pilots, who arguably enter the flight training environment with no preconceived notions at all) equate learning with logging?

Learning can happen anytime, anywhere, using a whole bunch of different tools. The only reason a student or a licensed pilot needs to log sim time in an FAA-approved Aviation Training Device (ATD) is to meet license, rating, and currency requirements.

In fact, with the right intentions, an hour of un-loggable time can be much more useful than an hour of loggable time. Especially when you consider that freeing yourself from the logbook frees you from thinking of the flight simulation as a surrogate airplane that you need to fly from point A to point B. Even the airlines use non-approved Cockpit Procedures Trainers (CPT) for a reason.”

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