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Morane, with TCS VR Learning System, will help train USAFA Cadets

IITSEC, December 5th, 2020 – TCS and Morane are proud to contribute to the training of the next generation of pilots by using our expertise in virtual reality (VR) and motion technology to create realistic flight conditions. Through a partnership with D-BOX, the motion system is integrated into 30 flight simulation Immersive Training Devices (ITD) installed in the US Air Force Academy (USAFA).

Cadets are trained in VR on TCS’s proprietary Learning System engine and platform. “By adding the realistic motion cues on the fixed-wing ITD simulator, we are able to create a fully immersive environment that ensures the skills acquired during the training can be transferred directly to the physical realm.”, says Ray Bédard, Founder of True Course Simulations.  By benefiting from the realism of vibrations and movements, USAFA cadets will develop their flying and maneuvering abilities in an environment that is as realistic as possible. 

“The TCS customized simulation sorties, completed with the motion system, create a highly realistic virtual environment at a fraction of the cost of a Level-D simulator.  It’s perfect for the inexperienced student pilots and it prepares them extremely well for live flying. This solution is a total game changer!” adds retired USAF Lt Col Travis Keenan, a former F-16CM pilot and current Airmanship Instructor at USAFA.

The VR and motion technologies also allows the creation of optimal conditions to train students to calmly react to emergency events instead of panicking in situations that could have dire consequences.

“Working with cutting edge technologies, such as VR and the D-BOX motion system allows us to increase the realism and attractiveness of the training sequence. This significantly increases student engagement and therefore their training success.” adds Pierre Lafrance, CEO of Morane Technologies.

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