Private Pilot Course

[column width=”70%” margin_right=”5%”]Students who complete the Private Pilot Course will require less time in the air to learn crucial private pilot skills and procedures.

Less time required in the airplane is synonymous with less money spent flying.

This training course contains 60 flight lessons with 200 learning units, covering flight maneuvers, airport operations, emergency procedures, and advanced flight skills.

Fly Real Missions!

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[end_columns]This course has been designed to cover all the FAA learning objectives for private pilot certification.

The lessons cover the ground school and the flight activities for each learning objective.

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Practicing these skills on the ground ensures you will master them quickly in the air which translates into major savings.

A Three-Step Learning Process

The course is designed in a three step process to facilitate the learning.

1. Read it! (5 minutes) View sample briefing

Read the detailed briefing for each lesson that provides background information for the maneuver, the sequential  steps and the common errors encountered by students.

2. Watch it! (5 minutes) View sample video

Watch the brief video that depicts the maneuver and provides additional visual cues and explanation.

Hannah - Private Pilot Training

3. Do it! (10-15 minutes)  View sample simulation

Fly the maneuver on your desktop simulator, anywhere anytime until mastery is achieved. You will receive instant feedback from the virtual flight instructor at every step.

The lessons are highly interactive and require that you fly the aircraft within FAA pilot training standards, creating a level of professionalism that is unheard of in a simulated flight training environment.

The cost for the course is $US500.

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