The Basics About Pilot Training In Arizona

pilot_training_in_arizonaThe spring semester is when many high school students begin thinking really hard about what they are going to do in the fall. It can seem like such a long way off, after all we just celebrated the new year, but deadlines for acceptance, scholarships, housing, and other programs are looming. For those who plan on attending school to become pilots there are a few things to think about, especially if you want to do your pilot training in Arizona.

Know the schools

Arizona has several different options for pilot training. You can go the university route or choose a free standing flight training center. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and will give you a different outcome. The main difference is whether you finish school with or without a degree. Depending on your goals, this could be very important or a trivial matter. However, other important differences will be the programs offered, quality of training, tuition costs, and community support.

If you haven’t already chosen a school, or are interested in what your options are, here is a list of the major training schools in Arizona.

Know the weather

This is simple, but depending on where you plan on attending school the weather can be drastically different. For example, if you are planning on doing your pilot training in the Phoenix area, the weather will be mostly dry and warm all year with extreme heat in the summer that can last through the beginning of fall. However, if you are planning on attending school in the Prescott area you can expect more temperate weather with some snow in the winter. Having the appropriate clothes and accessories before you get to your school will make your flight training much more comfortable. You wouldn’t want to get into a freezing cold airplane with only a sweater or have to store a massive coat in your dorm, because it’s warmer than you expected.

Know what clubs you can join

Joining a flying club can be advantageous for all pilots, but has it’s own set of benefits for student pilots. If you are attending a university you will have access to the aviation clubs on campus. However, you could also look in to joining a club outside of your school. These clubs offer guidance, community, and sometimes help with flying expenses. Check out our list of flying clubs in Arizona. Speak to the appropriate person at your school to find out about specific clubs.

Know the job market

For those who plan on staying in Arizona after they complete their training it will be good to know what the job market looks like for pilots or those who have training in other areas of aeronautics. There are companies like Honeywell, Parker, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, and several other who employ aircraft mechanics, engineers, pilots etc. It is important to start looking now, because this could greatly affect what you do while you are training, like whether or not you seek an internship.

Flying In Arizona

Doing your pilot training in Arizona offers one big advantage and that is lots and lots of blue sky. Rainy days are few and that means more training days and crystal clear views of the diverse terrain. There are several training options, lots of clubs, and a promising job market. If Arizona is your pilot training destination, you can expect to have a good time.

Want a shortcut to get you ready for your pilot training in Arizona? Head over to our Private Pilot Course page.

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