At True Course Simulations (TCS), we are aviators and educators!
We developed the Immersive Training Device (ITD) and the Virtual Flight Instructor to encourage more youth to learn to fly with a better instructor to student ratio, and a technology that enhances the training experience.

Our simulators, curriculum and experience bridge the gap between the book and the aircraft and have proven to reduce time to solo by up to 30%. (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2022).

Immersive Training Device (ITD)

Our ITD allows a student pilot to receive more life-like training by using haptics and virtual reality (VR). It is the most immersive and interactive way to learn.
In VR, an emergency scenario becomes real: You feel the engine cut out, execute the checklists while looking up at the mountains around you to maintain situational awareness before executing an off-airport emergency landing.

Immersive Training Device C-172
Virtual Reality Immersive Training Device (ITD)
  • Turnkey Flight Simulation Station

  • Built in Motion Actuators

  • Professional Quality Flight Controls

  • HTC Vive Pro II HMD
  • Highly Durable Steel Construction