True Course Simulations is the place where aspiring pilots come to:

1. Convert the knowledge acquired in the ground school into flight activities
2. See flight maneuvers in engaging videos
3. Practice flying skills in immersive simulations

True Course Simulations is the place where aspiring pilots come to:
We developed an online course to get your private pilot wings faster and save you a ton of money.

We developed an online course to get your private pilot wings faster and save you a ton of money.

It is a 3-step process we call the TCS Learning System:

1. Read it!

Read a short briefing that gives you the essence of the material you need to know before each flight lesson.

2. Watch it!

Watch a short video that shows the maneuver to perform in the lesson.

3. Do it!

Fly the maneuver on your computer with the guidance of your virtual flight instructor.


The True Course Simulations (TCS) Private Pilot Course is a 7-module course
where you will learn and practice the flying skills necessary to obtain your private pilot’s license.

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Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Meet Ray Bédard

With 20 years of flight experience in the Canadian Air Force and 15 years as a faculty and advisor, I learned a lot about how pilots learn and I want to share that knowledge with the new generation of pilots.

The reason I get out of bed every day is to help aspiring pilots achieve their career goals. I do this by developing online courses that accelerate my students’ learning.

TCS Revolutionizes Pilot Training



Complete the 7-module course:
> Briefings, videos and simulations
> Track your progress
> Download resources
> Share knowledge with experts
> Unlock certification and badges of achievement
> Become a Private Pilot


  • Chandler
  • The True Course Simulations software improves a student’s preparedness for any given lesson.

    By giving the student a way of actually performing and experiencing a given set of tasks before arriving for a flight, they have a concrete knowledge of what the flight expectations be and what the maneuvers will look like from the cockpit.

    They can prepare and study in ways which they would not have prior.

    Flight instructors can now utilize the time they previously would have spent on these basic maneuvers, and focus on correcting deficiencies, honing in on a precise control fee,l and moving on to more advanced maneuvers.

    This software saves flight instructors time, and student’s money.

    Ross Fletcher
    Instructor Pilot
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Prescott, AZ

  • I am a current second year AS-Fixed Wing student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

    Last Fall I took Ray Bédard’s Private Pilot Ground Course and participated in the first ground class to use his new program, True Course Simulations.

    In the early stages of my flight training I was really struggling with the flows and concepts of the maneuvers, as well as how they built upon each other. My instructor was doing his best to break them down and teach me, but it just wasn’t clicking. I am the type of student that needs to read and have my own insights on the material before I can feel confident that I understand it.

    Feeling defeated, and slightly unsure if flight training was for me, I turned to the learning tools and programs True Course Simulations had to offer. The briefings and videos were extremely helpful; each briefing broke down the maneuver into simple, easy to follow, and remember, steps while the video gave you a visual of those steps being used. After learning how to do the maneuvers in my head, I was also able to practice them on the simulation before going up with my instructor and actually doing them for real.

    Having True Course Simulations as a tool in my flight training helped me build the confidence I needed to speed through my flight training. I am now up for my reviews and should have my Private Pilot’s license by the end of this semester.

    Kaitlin Woytus
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Prescott, AZ



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