Downtime trainer: Aircraft and instructor availability, weather and mechanical issues can cause delays, however, with the TCS virtual flight instructor, a student can work on the lessons on their own, anytime, day or night, rain or shine.

Progress tracking: The virtual flight instructor records and displays student’s activities. Their instructor can easily assess each student’s progress and focus more specifically on their individual challenges. When students struggle in the real aircraft, they fly it virtually to hone their skills.

Increased student to instructor ratio: The TCS Learning System allows for up to 8 students per instructor. It incorporates 60 lessons with 75 simulations from fundamentals to cross- country operations. Our modular approach makes it easy to integrate into an existing curriculum.

Custom content creation:
TCS can customize a curriculum specific to your organization including your procedures, checklists, operating areas and aircraft

Virtual Reality Private Pilot Course
Why Choose True Course Simulations Prescott
Virtual Instructor

TCS’ Virtual Flight Instructor allows for self study and a break from the reliance on a 1-to-1 student to instructor ratio. Students are able to practice at their own pace, while the TCS system records all activity for post-flight analysis with an instructor.

Course Licensing
  • Low Volume Licenses: $499/Student/Year

  • 100 – 299 Students: $400/Student/Year

  • 300 – 499 Students: $350/Student/Year

  • 500+ Students: $275/Student/Year