How it Works

The TCS Learning System is a simple 3-step learning process:​​

1. Read It

Read a short pre-flight briefing that gives you the essence of the material you need to know before each flight lesson.

2. Watch It

See the maneuver performed. Get a visual on your objective along with supplemental information on the maneuver itself.

3. Do It!

Put it all together in a high resolution interactive simulation where you do the flying! You are allowed to fail and encouraged to try again until you master the maneuver.

Our Mission


At True Course Simulations (TCS), we believe that anyone with enough talent, discipline and hard-work can learn just about anything!

TCS provides efficient and comprehensive learning solutions (hardware, software, content, virtual instructor) to help students successfully achieve their learning goals as quickly and economically as possible.

Our Purpose

Functionality, Safety, Integrated Learning, and Accessibility​

  • Leverage the knowledge they acquired in the ground school into their flight activities.
  • See the flight maneuvers in engaging videos.
  • Practice the flight maneuvers in engaging simulations.

Our Passion

It’s All About The Learning​

At the heart of everything we do is our passion for transmitting knowledge. There is no greater gratification than seeing the spark in a student’s eyes who suddenly understands and takes pride in his/her achievement.

Our unique teaching method is based on more than 20 years of experience in developing efficient learning solutions.

Our Founder

Ray Bedard​

“I want to share my knowledge with the next generation of pilots and help aspiring pilots achieve their career goals. I do this by developing online courses that enhance and accelerate student learning.”

True Course Simulations founder Ray Bédard has 20 years of flight experience in the Canadian Air Force and 20 years as a university faculty member and advisor. He knows how pilots learn.